May 2022
Volume 23, Issue 2
Newsletter of School of Hotel & Tourism Management
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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Dr Catherine Cheung delivered an online guest lecture on "Hospitality Luxury: Brand Value, Luxury Consumers and Asia in Perspective" to students of School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events at Taylor's University, Malaysia, on 12 April 2022.
As part of Greek Gastronomy and Diet Festival 2022, SHTM's Food and Wine Academy organised the following webinars and masterclasses:
  • Hosted by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis and chaired by Professor Haiyan Song, a Greek Wine Webinar was held on 14 April, which explored uncharted waters and wine-producing regions of northern Greece.
  • On 24 May, Professor Buhalis and Chef Simone Nabbs hosted a Greek Olive Oil Masterclass, at which 10 Greek extra virgin olive oils and products from Navarino Icons and flavoured Sparta essential oils from Hellenic Fine Oils were introduced and tasted.
  • Professor Buhalis and Professor Song, Mr Konstantinos Lazarakis, Head of WSPC Education, hosted a Greek Wine Masterclass on 26 May, where they presented Greek white and red wines from Amynteon PDO, Naoussa PDO, Epanomi PGI, Florina PGI, Pangeon PGI and Retsina.
Professor Haiyan Song gave a speech entitled "How to Write Successful Grant Proposals?" at the APacCHRIE Webinar on 20 April 2022.
Professor Sam Kim delivered a resource speech entitled "Fostering Advancement in Tourism and Hospitality Education: Importance of Educating Students on New Technologies" in a Forum, "LEGACY: Building Sustainability in Tourism & Hospitality" which was hosted by The University of Santo Tomas College of Tourism & Hospitality Management (UST-CTHM) in partnership with the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines (COHREP) on 17 May 2022.

A number of SHTM staff members, including Professor Kaye Chon, Professor Cathy Hsu, Professor Kam Hung, Professor Sam Kim, Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, Professor Peter Kim, Dr Henry Tsai, Dr Qu Xiao, Dr YooHee Hwang, Dr Daniel Leung, Dr Crystal Shi, Dr Maxime Wang and Dr Mahlagha Darvish Motevali attended the 20th APacCHRIE Conference in Malaysia on 23-25 May 2022.
  • Professor Sam Kim, President of APacCHRIE, delivered a welcome message at the opening ceremony. His term as president will come to an end in July 2022, after which he will serve as Immediate Past President.
  • Professor Chon, Founding Chairman of APacCHRIE, delivered opening and closing remarks.
  • Professor Hsu, Professor Buhalis and Professor Peter Kim attended the "Meet the Editors" session.
  • Dr Xiao and Mr Steve Hood from STR shared the "Hotel Industry Update and Research Opportunities".
  • Dr Hwang and Professor Sam Kim presented a co-authored paper entitled "Tourists' Impulsive Purchases of Luxury Goods and Experiences: Focusing on the Role of Escapism".
  • Professor Hung presented a co-authored paper entitled "Rethinking Overtourism from the Perspective of Destination Lifecycle".
  • Dr Darvish Motevali and Professor Sam Kim presented a co-authored paper entitled "COVID-19: The Effect of Job Insecurity on Hotel Employees' Behavioral Performance Through the Lens of Mental Health".
  • Dr Shi and Dr Wang presented a co-authored paper entitled "When Do Abusive Managers Experience Embarrassment and Make Amends for Abusive Actions?".

Professor Haiyan Song and Dr Anyu Liu shared an insights on recovery patterns of tourism demand and traveller behaviour and preferences in the Asia Pacific region at the PATA webinar "PATA Visitor Forecast Updates – The impact of re-opening on recovery patterns" on 24 May 2022.
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