July 2019
Volume 20, Issue 3
Newsletter of School of Hotel & Tourism Management
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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Dr Ada Lo presented a paper entitled "Effects of Customers' Experience in Engaging in Hotel's CSR Activities on Brand Relationship Quality and Behavioral Intentions" at the 4th International Conference on Organization & Management cum 6th International Conference on CSR, Ethics, Governance and Sustainability in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 12-13 June 2019.
Dr Mimi Li attended the 2019 Ancient Village Forum in Wuhan, China on 15 June.
Dr Karin Weber and Ms Pia Kwan attended the 2019 Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress in Toronto, Canada on 15-18 June.
Professor Kaye Chon, Dr Deniz Kucukusta, Dr Loretta Pang, Ms Erin Shih and Ph.D. student Ms Mariia Perelygina attended the 18th Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Students Research in Tourism in Daejeon, Korea on 21-23 June 2019. Professor Chon delivered an opening speech. Dr Pang presented a paper entitled "Tangibilization of Services in Asian Style". Ms Shih presented a co-authored paper entitled "Measurement of Barriers in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Compliance with Technology in Full Service Restaurants". Ms Perelygina presented a co-authored paper entitled "National Cultures in the Digital World: First Findings on Business Models in Tourism".
Dr Barry Mak attended the 33rd Annual Summer Institutes in Lexington, USA on 23-28 June 2019.
Dr Youngjoon Choi and Ph.D. student Mr Fuad Mehraliyev presented a co-authored paper entitled "From Measurement Scale to Sentiment Scale: Examining the Effect of Sensory Experiences on Online Review Rating Behavior" at the Travel and Tourism Research Association International's 50th Conference in Melbourne, Australia on 25-27 June 2019.
Professor Kaye Chon, Professor Bob McKercher, Dr Henry Tsai, Dr Sangwon Park and Ph.D. students Mr Richard Hrankai and Mr Taurus Sun attended the Asia Pacific Tourism Association's 2019 Annual Conference in Danang, Vietnam on 1-4 July. Professor Chon participated in a panel session entitled "Where is Our Field Headed? Future of Tourism and Hospitality Research and Scholarship". Professor McKercher participated in a panel session entitled "Going Global – Developing Your International Profile and Career". The following faculty members presented papers at the conference.
  • Dr Tsai presented a co-authored paper entitled "Customer Value Creation in Self-Service Technologies (SSTs) in the Hospitality Industry".
  • Dr Park presented a co-authored paper entitled "Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Tourist Behaviors: Application of Big Data Analytics".
  • Mr Hrankai presented a co-authored paper entitled "Exploring the Influence of Decision-Making Styles on Hotel Choice Preferences: A Hybrid Choice Model".
  • Mr Sun presented a co-authored paper entitled "Development and Validation of Chinese Hotel Knowledge Workers' Idiosyncratic Deals Scale".
Dr Basak Denizci Guillet and Dr Youngjoon Choi attended the 2019 Pan Asia International Tourism Conference (The 86th TOSOK Daejeon International Conference) in Daejeon, Korea on 4-6 July. Dr Denizci Guillet gave a speech on the title "From Experience Economy to Transformation Economy". Dr Choi presented a co-authored paper entitled "Technology Innovation and Digitalized Services in Tourism and Hospitality".
Dr Barry Mak and Dr Daniel Leung attended the 9th Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference in Portsmouth, UK on 9-12 July 2019. Dr Mak presented a co-authored paper entitled "Sustainable Tourist Behaviour: The Perspective of Economic Sustainability". Dr Leung presented two papers, entitled "Millennials' Online Hotel Booking Journey: What? How? Why?" and "The Differential Impacts of External Reference Price Level and Source on Generation Y Travelers' Hotel Consideration and Willingness-to-Pay".
Co-hosted by the SHTM and the School of Design at PolyU, the "Think Tank of Smart Hotel Rooms" was held at the School on 16 July 2019. Professor Kaye Chon kick started the day's programme with his welcome remarks. Dr Sangwon Park participated in the "Knowledge Sharing" session and Dr Daniel Leung participated in the "Knowledge Co-creation" session. A collaborative project between Tomorrow's Guestrooms at Hotel ICON and the Hospitality and Tourism Research Centre at the SHTM, the Think Tank brought together stakeholders who shared with participants their insights into smart hotel rooms and came up with practical design ideas.
Mr Joey Wu presented a paper entitled "Online Collaborative Learning of a Mixed Team: A Case Study of Hotel and Tourism Students from Varied Education Backgrounds" at the 3rd International Conference on Education and Multimedia Technology in Nagoya, Japan on 22-25 July 2019.
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