Students are required to enrol in the following subjects, for a total of 36 credits:

Compulsory (Core) Subjects Taken at EHL (1st Semester, 4 Subjects, 3 Credits Each)*

  • Hospitality Business Strategies in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Hospitality Real Estate Finance and Investments
  • Advanced Corporate Finance and Concepts of International Finance
  • Business Research Methods and Project Management Tools

Compulsory (Core) Subjects Taken at SHTM, PolyU (2nd Semester, 5 Subjects, 3 Credits Each - Except Business Consulting Project [Academic Business Project])†

  • HTM562 - Marketing Management in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • HTM563 - Revenue Management in Hospitality Industry
  • HTM564 - Quality Service Management for the Hospitality & Tourism Industry
  • HTM565 - Hospitality Business Strategies in Asia - China Hotel and Tourism Business Studies
  • HTM566 - Business Consulting Project (Academic Business Project) - 6 credits‡

Compulsory (Core) Subjects Taken at UH (3rd Semester, 4 Subjects, 3 Credits Each)*

  • Hospitality Business Strategies in the Americas and the Caribbean
  • Innovative Hospitality Technologies
  • Organisational Behaviour and Hospitality Leadership Strategies
  • Elective (To be determined)

* Students are expected to apply for transferring any 9 out of 12 credits taken at EHL and UH respectively to PolyU. As such, 18 out of 36 credits will be transferred from the said institutions to PolyU.
† One to two of the subjects offered at the SHTM, PolyU may be taught in the summer term.
‡ The Business Consulting Project (Academic Business Project) carries six credits. A multi-cultural team of three to four students will work together for the project, which is considered to be a subject taken at PolyU.