ACADEMIC PROGRAMMESProgramme Structure & Duration

ACADEMIC PROGRAMMESProgramme Structure & Duration

For this programme, each three-year Ph.D. student must earn a minimum of 18 credits before submitting a thesis for examination, including two compulsory subjects, HTM6006 and HTM6007, offered in D.HTM programme. Students are not allowed to take any additional taught postgraduate subjects.

Below is the Ph.D. Programme Structure for three-year Ph.D. students admitted on or after 1 July 2015.


Compulsory Subjects (4 Subjects – 12 Credits)

  • HTM5801 - Statistics for Research in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • HTM6006 - Quantitative Research Methods for Hotel and Tourism Management
  • HTM6007 - Qualitative Research Methods for Hotel and Tourism Management
  • HTM6706 - Theories and Concepts in Tourism (This is a research-based subject.)

Compulsory Subjects (1 Subject – 1 Credit)

  • HTI6081 - Ethics: Research, Professional and Personal Perspectives

Compulsory Research Seminars (3 Credits)

Compulsory Practicum (2 Credits)


The programme structure listed above is subject to revision/change without prior notice.


This full-time Ph.D. programme is normally completed in three years.