ACADEMIC PROGRAMMESHong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme and Other Financial Aid

ACADEMIC PROGRAMMESHong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme and Other Financial Aid

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) offered by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong. The HKPFS accepts applications from early September to early December each year. The Scheme helps high-calibre students from around the world undertake Ph.D. studies in Hong Kong. Successful applicants will receive a monthly stipend of HKD27,100 and will have their tuition fee waived for a maximum of three years. Please visit the HKPFS webpage for detailed information about the Scheme's application procedures and deadline.

Applicants for admission to Ph.D. programmes at PolyU via HKPFS will also concurrently be considered for other studentship schemes at PolyU. The University will nominate outstanding candidates who apply for HKPFS to the RGC for consideration.

Nominees who are not ultimately offered or applicants who were not nominated for a Fellowship may be given separate consideration for admission as normal Ph.D. Students at PolyU via the award of Postgraduate Studentships, subject to their eligibility to fulfill the requirements of the Postgraduate Studentship.


PolyU offers research studentships/assistantships to full-time Ph.D. students, providing financial support that allows them to focus fully on their studies. Granting of studentships/assistantships will be reviewed on an annual basis, subject to satisfactory performance. Recipients of studentships/assistantships are required to provide support for teaching and scholarly activities.

Conference Attendance Grant

Ph.D. students are eligible to apply for conference attendance grants. A maximum of HKD20,000 may be granted for the entire study period.


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