The Club Managers' Association of Hong Kong (CMAHK) is offering a scholarship to one or two SHTM student(s), for a total amount of HKD30,000. This scholarship is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in club management, and provides funding to attend the World Conference of the Club Managers' Association of America in the spring of the following year, to be held in the United States of America. Airfare, conference fee, hotel accommodation, and visa (if needed) will be provided.


All students who are actively participating in club activities are eligible to enter. Students who have previously applied for the scholarship are eligible to re-enter the following year.


Two Rounds: Essay and Presentation


Students will be asked to submit an essay to the Faculty Advisor of the club. After the essays have been assessed by the Faculty Advisor, the best essays will be shortlisted for a presentation to the CMAHK at a monthly meeting. On the evening, CMAHK will select the recipient(s) for this year's scholarship.

Easy Approach

Students can seek information in many ways. The CMA SHTM Student Club, in conjunction with CMAHK, regularly organizes club site visits to see facilities, meet club managers, and gain valuable knowledge on each club. In addition, students should utilise libraries, news articles, and interviews, or attend conferences to gain more knowledge and produce a well-rounded paper.

Essay Format