Catering Studies Dining Society (Bistro 1979) Membership

Members of Bistro 1979

All PolyU staff, PolyU students, SHTM alumni, PolyU Foundation members, PolyU Federation of Alumni Associations members and Hotel ICON staff enjoy the complimentary membership of CSDS.

Please present your valid identity cards when checking out the bills.

Visiting Guest Polic​y

All official guests and/or visitors of PolyU, are allowed to dine in the restaurant when being accompanied by at least one current member​.

Apply for membership

Membership opens to whom are associated with PolyU or the hospitality industry, the spouse of a full member, previous members, university graduates or in sympathy with the objective of the training restaurant.

Annual Subscription Fee: HK$50


Please apply with the membership application form.