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Research & Consultancies

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Established by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM), the Hospitality and Tourism Research Centre is dedicated to bridging the gap between hospitality and tourism theory and industry practice. The Centre is a unique, research-based platform with an expansive network of hospitality and tourism academics from our School and partner institutions, as well as executives from leading industry organisations.

The Centre supports academic research for the advancement of hospitality and tourism knowledge on topics of importance to industry performance and the future. Its fivefold mission is to:

  1. Identify current trends and practices in the hospitality and tourism industry that are worthy of scientific research.
  2. Actively conduct cutting-edge, high-impact research with a particular focus on knowledge creation.
  3. Collaborate with hospitality and tourism practitioners to translate academic research into best practices that set the benchmarks for the hospitality and tourism industry.
  4. Provide policy recommendations for destination governments across the world through evidence-based research.
  5. Generate high-quality publications and obtain external research funding, focusing particularly on public policy and industry collaborative research funds.