NEWS & EVENTSPress Release

NEWS & EVENTSPress Release


19 Jun, 2018

PolyU Study Reveals What Second-Generation Migrant Tourists are Seeing

30 May, 2018

PolyU Hosted Inaugural World Summit for Deans of Independent Schools of Hospitality and Tourism

21 May, 2018

PolyU Study Explores Why Lodging Reviews Matter in the Sharing Economy

26 Apr, 2018

PolyU Study Urges Hotels to Create a Green Culture

28 Mar, 2018

PolyU Study Finds Right Audience Critical for Destination Marketing Mini-movies

28 Feb, 2018

PolyU Study Finds How Hotel Loyalty Programmes Can Boost Brand Relationship Quality

25 Jan, 2018

PolyU Study Finds Russian Tourist Satisfaction Hinges on Hotel Features

27 Dec, 2017

PolyU Study Finds Focus on Accessibility Key to Exhibition Market Development

18 Dec, 2017

PolyU holds a naming ceremony for Mr and Mrs Chan Chak Fu Building

30 Nov, 2017

PolyU Study Urges Hotels to Engage the Facebook Generation