NEWS & EVENTSPress Release

NEWS & EVENTSPress Release


21 Feb, 2020

Bring them Home!

20 Jan, 2020

How Far Can They Go?

16 Dec, 2019

Growth or Authenticity? A Difficult Choice for Rural Tourism

26 Nov, 2019

Let Tourists Hanker for the Good Old Days

31 Oct, 2019

PolyU and University of Surrey Sign an Agreement on Joint PhD Programme Framework


29 Oct, 2019

Restaurateurs, Insights Await!

26 Sep, 2019

Why Seek the Good Things in Life?

23 Sep, 2019

PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management celebrates its splendid 40 years - Legendary hotelier P. R. S. Oberoi honoured with SHTM Lifetime Achievement Award

27 Aug, 2019

Surviving the Air Travel Stress Test

30 Jul, 2019

When Beauty Signifies Quality