NEWS & EVENTSPress Release

NEWS & EVENTSPress Release


08 Sep, 2015

Tripartite Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business Kick Started to Groom Future Industry Leaders

18 Aug, 2015

One-Year Master's Degrees in Hospitality and Tourism to Fast Track Careers

10 Aug, 2015

PolyU Study Finds Daily Smartphone Use Substantially Influences Travel Experience

14 Jul, 2015

PolyU Study Finds Performance Gains needed in Chinese State-Owned Hotels

06 Jul, 2015

PolyU Released Report on 2014 Tourist Satisfaction and Tourism Service Quality Indices

15 Jun, 2015

PolyU Study Finds Hotel Employees' Efforts Key to Successful Implementation of Green Practices

19 May, 2015

PolyU Study Finds Acculturation Determines Consumer Responses to Service Failures

13 May, 2015

PolyU celebrates the Second Inauguration of Endowed Professorships

17 Apr, 2015

PolyU Study Finds Highly Popular Drama Influences Perceptions of Korea

17 Apr, 2015

PolyU Study Finds High-speed Rail Boosts Chinese Domestic Tourism Demand