Placement Arrangement

Students must attend the scheduled compulsory Professional Development classes in preparation for their placements. Those who do not fulfil the class requirements will not be permitted to undertake their placement. Students are expected to be in full attendance in the workplace according to the assigned placement schedule, except in the case of illness. They may not cut short or end their placement without prior approval from both the industry organisation and the SHTM.

Students are required to conform to the following: 

  1. The student shall inform the SHTM once he or she has confirmed a placement. The student cannot accept another placement offer without prior approval by the SHTM; otherwise, neither offer will be recognised.
  2. The student shall inform the SHTM of any prospective placement that he or she is seeking on his or her own, provide an outline of the required duties to the SHTM for prior approval, and ask the organisation to complete an assessment report on his or her performance.
  3. The student shall act responsibly in the placement he or she undertakes.
  4. The student shall represent the SHTM and PolyU in a positive and professional manner, and not discredit PolyU or the SHTM.
  5. The student shall liaise with the WIE Officer as and when required, and shall complete the student report in a timely manner.
  6. The student shall abide by the guidelines outlined in the placement classes.

Overseas Placement

As an alternative to placements in Hong Kong, students may want to undertake overseas placements. Students should decide on an overseas placement no later than March for placements commencing in July, and no later than July for placement commencing in January, to ensure both the students and the SHTM have adequate time to make the necessary arrangements. Students undertaking overseas placements are responsible for all costs associated with the placement, including visa application, medical insurance, travel and living expenses. Students are strongly advised to consult their parents or guardians when considering overseas placements.

Student Responsibilities in the Workplace

  1. Be punctual and report to your placement organisation at the time scheduled.
  2. If you are unable to report to work due to sickness or an emergency, notify your supervisor BEFORE your scheduled start time.
  3. Conform to your organisation's established dress code. If it does not have one, dress appropriately for your position. Make sure your clothes are clean and neatly pressed and your shoes are well-polished, keep your jewellery and make-up to a minimum, be sure to wear a smile.
  4. Maintain a positive attitude. Be courteous to and respectful of others in the organisation, including your supervisor, fellow workers, and the customers. Remember that the customers/guests will see you as an employee of the organisation.
  5. Your placement organisation may have developed a code of practice. Discuss this with your supervisor and make sure you understand the corporate culture or social rules that will affect your behaviour.
  6. Recognise that you are in a learning situation. Follow your supervisor's instructions to the best of your ability. If you are unsure of what is required or what you are being asked to do – ask for assistance and seek clarification!
  7. If you encounter serious problems in the organisation that you feel you cannot solve by yourself, contact your WIE Officer immediately to seek advice and assistance before making any decision.