Introducing Work-Integrated Education

Practical work experience is critical for students to become all-round professionals who possess an appropriate level of operational experience and an understanding of industry operations and managerial decision making. For this reason, the SHTM incorporates Work-Integrated Education (WIE) as a mandatory component of all undergraduate programme curriculums.

WIE provides a work-based learning experience that takes place in an organisational context relevant to each student's future profession or to the development of generic skills that are valued in that profession. The focus is to help students develop a range of valuable abilities and to provide opportunities where they can apply theories to real-life situations.

Objectives of Work-Integrated Education

Upon successful completion of their placements, students should have:

  • Gained experience in a relevant industry sector
  • Developed and acquired skills through practical work experience
  • Applied classroom theory in practical settings
  • Learned to appreciate industry practice and the importance of service quality
  • Developed people skills through interactions with peers, subordinates and supervisors
  • Developed positive attitudes as hospitality professionals

Programme Structure

The SHTM offers a Bachelor of Science (Honours) programme in Hotel Management and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) programme in Tourism and Events Management.

To graduate, students must complete seven WIE training credits by satisfactorily completing the following two components:

  1. The subject Professional Development (one training credit), and
  2. Six months of placement on a full-time basis, or, in special circumstances, 960 hours of cumulative work experience on a part-time basis (six training credits).
Options  Period Duration
Option One  July (Year Two) to December (Year Three) Six-month placement 
Option Two January (Year Three) to June (Year Three) Six-month placement 
Option Three June (Year Two) to August (Year Three) 960 hours of cumulative work experience 

All Hotel Management students will undertake industrial placement either locally in Hotel ICON or overseas in SHTM-approved hospitality organisations. All Tourism and Events Management students will undertake industrial placement either in local tourism or event organisations or in SHTM-approved hospitality organisations overseas.