Outstanding Student Mentor 2019 - Mr. Michael Muller

22 Apr, 2020

Mr. Michael Muller is General Manager of the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel.  His proposer, Ms Kumarova Kamshat, a year 2 hotel management student stated the following in her nomination:

‘I can proudly reveal that Mr. Muller has taken me by his side like a daughter of his and the bound between us grew so much so that I see him as a father figure. Mr. Muller had no obligation to interact so often with me, Mr. Muller had no commitment to know me as a person and not only as a student. I could have never imagined by any stretch of imagination that he would mean so much for me. Every meeting that we had inspired me to learn more valuable information about the field. By the end of our conversations, I was full of energy and ideas for my future career. He was one of the few people who truly believed in my ideas and gave me advice on the business plan I shall work on in the coming future.

Important to mention, last summer when the situation in Hong Kong was reaching its pinnacle, he would regularly check on me and make sure that I, as a young person, was in a safe place. He went as far as accommodating me and one of my friends in the SkyCity Marriott so that he would be reassured about my safety and so we would fly back safely to our home country. This visit to the hotel was very beneficial for me. I had a chance to experience the working process of the general manager of Marriott. I have noticed his professionalism in his communication with guests and co-workers. This event itself embodies perfectly the great individual that he is: a gentleman with a great heart and a genuine sense of responsibility. Ever Since that event, I regularly think back about that event and realize that is why I choose this field myself:  To serve people as if they are my family.

Michael Muller was not just my mentor for this year; he became my teacher, my friend and eventually a father figure. Therefore, I could not think of a better kind of person with such is candor and guidance to be nominated for the mentor award.’