Outstanding Student Mentee 2020 - Mr. Neil Zhang

07 Jun, 2021

Mr. Neil Zhang is a master student taking International Wine Management. His proposer, Mr. Nixon Chung, Managing Director of Camloy International Ltd. complimented that:

“Neil is an outstanding active learner and a polite young man with a shiny character. He is hungry for knowledge and possesses passion in discovering need.

Neil asked good questions about restaurant and wine business and even sought reference materials to understand how wine business should be run.  Neil has shown keen interest in how I run restaurant and bar business in Shanghai and even paid me a visit at the PLACE shanghai, a private kitchen and even venue that I have invested in Shanghai.  The questions Neil asked in return have helped me learn how we could see things in different perspectives.

The Covid-19 pandemic has given everyone challenges in life and business. Neil has maintained a very positive and optimistic attitude. He travelled to attend classes in Hong Kong after quarantine, to Shanghai and Xian to learn about various cities cultures and the changes of consumer habit. This would help him to discover best practices that could possibly offer solutions to respective markets.

Seeing all the changes over the year, Neil has shared with me the idea of opening an organic and natural wine shop in Shenzhen. Again, this demonstrates that he has strong purpose in what he wants to do.

I have cherished having an opportunity to be his mentor. I have enjoyed with Neil and wish him success in his next venture.”