The Outstanding SHTM Student Mentor & Mentee Award Presentation Ceremony cum Luncheon Meeting 2021

07 Jun, 2021

This year, 103 students were matched with 77 mentors. Kicking off the programme in style, the SHTM hosted an Outstanding SHTM Student Mentor & Mentee Award Presentation Ceremony cum Luncheon Meeting, which was delivered both in person and online.

Two back-to-back luncheons were held in Bistro 1979 before and after an award presentation ceremony, officiated by Professor Kaye Chon, SHTM Dean, Chair Professor and Walter and Wendy Kwok Family Foundation Professor in International Hospitality Management. Also present were Dr Catherine Cheung, SHTM Associate Dean and Chair Professor, and Professor Brian King, SHTM Associate Dean and Dr. Eric Chan, SHTM Undergraduate Programme Director along with 50 eager student mentees.

After welcoming the participants, Dean Chon presented the SHTM Outstanding Student Mentor of the Year Award 2020 to Ms Yvonne Ma, Managing Director of Eighty20 Marketing Agency. Thanking her mentee, Event and Tourism Management student Ms Janna Lee, for the nomination, Ms Ma offered some invaluable advice in times of uncertainty. “Go the extra mile, never give up”, she urged the student attendees. “Your biggest competitor is always yourself, and it is essential to find ways to go beyond your limits”.

Next, the Outstanding Student Mentee of the Year Award 2020 went to MSc student Mr Neil Zhang, who is studying International Wine Management. Speaking remotely, Mr Zhang thanked his mentor, Mr Nixon Chung, Managing Director of Camloy International Ltd, for imparting crucial insights into the industry. “My dream is to open a wine bar”, said Mr Zhang, “and I am sure that will obtain a lot more precious guidance and advice from Mr Chung in the future”.