QWhat are General University Requirements (GUR)?

GURs are subjects that all PolyU students MUST take, irrespective of their major of study.
GURs consist of the following components:

Total GUR credits: 30

  • Freshman Seminar (Three Credits)
  • Language & Communication Requirements (LCR) (Nine Credits)
  • English (Six Credits) + Chinese (Three Credits)
  • Leadership and Intra-Personal Development (Three Credits)
  • Cluster-Area Requirements (CAR) (12 Credits, across four clusters)
    Note: A minimum of three credits must be on subjects designated as "China-related". In addition, students must fulfil the Reading and Writing requirements in both Chinese and English.
    The four clusters are:
    • Human Nature, Relations and Development (Three Credits)
    • Community, Organisation and Globalisation (Three Credits)
    • History, Cultures and World Views (Three Credits)
    • Science, Technology and Environment (Three Credits)
  • Service-Learning (Three Credits)
  • Healthy Lifestyle (non-credit bearing)


We suggest that all four-year degree students follow the GUR progression plan shown below:

If in doubt, contact your Academic Advisor or Undergraduate Secretary first. We may refer you to the appropriate Academic Counsellor for further counseling relating to GURs.