Students in the programme progress by accumulating credits for each subject passed. The MSc degree requires the completion of ten subjects and a two-day residential workshop, for a total of 31 credits.

Subjects List

Compulsory Subjects (5 Subjects) 

HTM506     Managing Marketing in the Hotel and Tourism Industry
HTM508     Managing Human Resources in the Hotel and Tourism Industry
HTM511     Hotel and Tourism Financial Management 
HTM582     Research Methods 
HTM598     Consultancy Project
HTM599     Research Project

Compulsory Residential Workshop (1 Workshop)

HTM5001   Residential Workshop 

Elective Subjects (Choose 4-5)

HTM502     Hotel and Tourism Information Management 
HTM504     Quality Service Management in the Hotel and Tourism Industry
HTM507     Cultural Tourism 
HTM510     Hotel and Tourism Training and Development 
HTM513     China Hotel and Tourism Business Studies 
HTM519     Multi-Unit Hotel Management 
HTM520     Meetings and Exhibition Management 
HTM523     Strategic Management in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry 
HTM524     Convention Tourism
HTM527     Tourism Planning and Development 
HTM528     Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 
HTM529     Hospitality Managerial Accounting 
HTM530     Multidisciplinary Foundations of Tourism 
HTM531     Revenue Management 
HTM581     Independent Studies 

* Final decisions on elective subjects offered reserved to School of Hotel and Tourism Management