Research & Consultancies

Research & Consultancies

Along its journey to establish itself as the pinnacle of hotel and tourism research, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) has accumulated many successful experiences in hotel development, particularly upscale hotel development. Together with Hotel ICON, the School has demonstrated its accomplishments by modelling a teaching hotel, which has enjoyed significant business success since its opening. Now, the SHTM has again joined with Hotel ICON to combine our people, resources, and expertise into a dedicated, professional hotel and tourism-related consultancy service, SHTM+ICON Consultancy.

The mission of SHTM+ICON Consultancy is the transfer of knowledge, accumulated from the SHTM's research and Hotel ICON's practical endeavours, to the hospitality industry and educational institutes. This knowledge transfer includes not only know-how and creative solutions, but also experiences in a practical setting and the capability to maintain sustainable growth, bridging theory and practice in the hospitality industry.

SHTM+ICON Consultancy is a business unit under the auspices of the PolyU Technology & Consultancy Co. Ltd. (PTeC), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).


Dr Tony Tse

Professor of Practice and Programme Director (Industry Partnerships)School of Hotel and Tourism Management
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