NEWS & EVENTSPress Release

NEWS & EVENTSPress Release


14 Sep, 2017

PolyU Study Finds Room Attribute Preferences Vital to Hotel Profit Maximisation

12 Sep, 2017

PolyU releases Report on 2016 Tourist Satisfaction and Tourism Service Quality Indices

05 Sep, 2017

PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management Scholar Conferred Endowed Professorship

31 Aug, 2017

PolyU Study Finds Understanding Travel Needs Can Help Improve Elderly Quality of Life

11 Aug, 2017

PolyU Scholar Honoured with McCool Breakthrough Award for Advancing Hospitality and Tourism Education

25 Jul, 2017

PolyU Study Finds Profound Changes in Chinese Visitor Profiles and Behaviour after Visa Liberalisation

11 Jul, 2017

PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management Ranked World No. 1

26 Jun, 2017

PolyU Study Finds Review Features Influence Hotel Booking Intentions

13 Jun, 2017

3rd Global Tourism & Hospitality Conference hosted by School of Hotel and Tourism Management to celebrate PolyU's 80th Anniversary

09 Jun, 2017

Esteemed Hotelier Bestowed APacCHRIE Lifetime Achievement Award Dr Ho Kwon Ping